I am pleased to say that Ms. Dunbar is the top in her field. She taught and tutored my daughter from the 4th -6th grade. Ms. Dunbar is kind and thorough and very knowledgeable. My daughter has a language processing disability and Ms. Dunbar taught her how to learn according to her strengths. Ms. Dunbar turned my daughter from a C/D student, to a very independent A/B student.

– Donna Richardson

Finding Barbara has been a blessing to our student and family! Adept in working with students who learn differently, she helps develop confident learners, by teaching strategies specific to individual areas of weakness. Establishing a good rapport with the student enables hard work mixed with an element of fun and humor. The resources and advice she brings is an invaluable tool for both the student and parents. She is a gift to this challenging area of learning!

– Joy Penland

Barbara Dunbar is an amazing teacher/tutor and supporter of learning. She goes above and beyond what is requested and knows how to prepare your child for the challenges he or she may face academically or socially. I highly recommend her as a tutor. She worked with my daughter for over 3 years teaching her strategies and skills she could use every day.

– Carla Stern, Partner

Mrs. Dunbar helped me with my writing during my senior year in high school. She continues to give me suggestions on my paper through Google Docs since I started college last year. Mrs. Dunbar is very dedicated to her job. She not only points out my grammar mistakes but also shows me directions of further development of my paper. She definitely has helped me strengthen my writing skills!

– Janet in Boston