Barbara Dunbar, your Atlanta Reading Tutor, offers a more responsible alternative to helping children learn to read properly. To give them that extra bit of knowledge that may make a difference in their well-being, confidence, independence and future success.

Having a thorough knowledge of the different ‘learn to read’ methods will be crucial in determining which one should be applied for each student. Some of the different, but accepted modern techniques that your reading tutor utilizes in teaching students how to read are:

Close Reading – is a strategy that incorporates four steps to the reading comprehension process. Students learn the four steps and apply them in both fiction and nonfiction readings.

Choral Reading is participatory with teacher establishing a model, allowing the student to become more fluent and more confident.

Echo Reading is participatory between teacher and student, but achieving the beneficial results of fluency and confidence.

Paired Reading, encompasses both ‘duet reading’ and ‘solo reading’ so the child can self-monitor growth or need for assistance.

Aside from the importance of our children learning the most efficient and beneficial methods of learning to read, your tutor applies the same professional techniques in French as well. This bi-lingual attribute in teaching a student/child a foreign language is much more effective if that teacher actually lived in the country of that language. Living abroad for one year was a part of her learning process following earning a Masters Degree in French.

A further sign of dedication and devotion to teaching those in need is Barbara’s Certification in Learning Disabilities enabling differentiation in strategy instruction.

Above the Mark Learning home school instruction engages face to face meetings and video chat and educational technology for small groups (pairs or triads) of learners . Flexible scheduling accommodates daily or special occasion timing requests with advance notice.