Chances are you’ve already heard about online tutoring, but aren’t really sure if it is the right option for your child. After all, you may be asking yourself the question: how can my child learn without a tutor to help them in-person?

While this may be a serious concern for many parents, research suggests that online tutors can be just as effective as traditional tutors. In fact, technology can actually promote your child’s interest and study habits – generating better results and boosting your student’s performance. Each school year, thousands of families are making the switch and finding that online tutors are more than just an alternative, but their preferred tutoring option.

At Above the Mark Learning, we have listed ten advantages for an online learning service.

  1. Flexible Scheduling
    An online tutor is flexible enough to schedule meetings whenever you have time. Extra tutoring – like before a big test – can be easily worked out with an online tutor.
  1. Availability
    From math and science to language arts and history, you can find an online tutor with the specific qualifications and skills for your child – no matter where you live.
  1. Value
    Online tutors do not have to spend the time and gas money traveling to their office or your home. Online tutors also face enormous competition and must continually drive their rates down to stay competitive with hundreds of other sites. Online tutors are almost always less costly than a classroom or in-person tutor. This does not mean that quality is ever being compromised, though!
  1. Technology
    Today’s classroom is vastly different than those ten or fifteen years ago. School districts across the country have realized that when kids use computers in class, they become more engaged and attentive. Technology can actually encourage students to learn. Your child is also learning valuable computer skills every time they log into an online lesson.
  1. Comfort
    With an Online tutor, the student is learning the same material without ever leaving the comfort of home. When the student and tutor are both in a stress-free environment, a relaxed educational experience prevails that is conducive to learning and thoroughly understanding the material.
  1. One-On-One Interaction
    Online tutoring uses live, one-on-one interaction with a student to accomplish study goals. The separation of a screen does not mean that the lesson is any less effective or that your child is not receiving the deserved attention. A live, online tutor can answer the same questions and provide the same help for any subject as a face-to-face tutor.
  1. Online Resources
    During a live tutoring session, a student has access to a wealth of online and computer resources. Graphing calculators, diagrams, maps, and other educational tools are just a few clicks away. An online tutor can effortlessly share important study material without ever having to leave the computer.
  1. Personalized Learning
    For a student with a learning disability, it is easy to find an online tutor with such skills. Online tutors can develop a personalized approach for any student – utilizing the latest technology and teaching strategies. Online tutors use individualized, results-driven lesson plans to meet your child’s unique goals.
  1. Organization
    Unlike the mountains of paperwork your child receives at school, online tutors cut down on unnecessary clutter. Important assignments or lessons can be easily shared online to save paper and keep all assignments organized in a digital format. With an online tutor, a student’s week-to-week progress can be easily followed with online charts and data, too.
  1. Fun
    While this may not seem like an important factor, this may be the biggest advantage of an online tutor. Simply put, students do better when they enjoy what they are learning. If your child likes using the computer, then an online tutor can make learning fun and exciting with games and interactive activities. Teaching your student to learn and have fun at the same time builds confidence and promotes a future of successful studies